Martin Simpson
projects [ all commission hardware installation light performance sound web ]
Pneumatic Organ 2

tags [ sound performance ]
location ESC Medienkunstlabor, Graz
with Budhenau

Environment-specific sound art performances for found-object rhythms and improvised organ drones.

Budhenau creates sculptures from found objects to allow them to resonate freely. These sculptures are created using wire and the process is entirely improvisational, reacting to the objects found in the given environment. The found objects are triggered by algorithmic rhythms (Budhenau), creating a new sound experience in each environment. The use of algorithmic rhythms also adds a layer of unpredictability to the performance, making each iteration unique.

Along this rhythmic foundation, MASI unfolds a curious organ drone slowly, meandering through morphing clusters, beatings, and overtones to find ever-evolving spaces in which the music emerges. (The curious organ contraption is a Pneumatic Organ _), a work-in-progress acoustic drone instrument, in which pipes from a deconstructed organ are connected through haptic flow regulators to compressed wind in a cybernetic configuration.)