Martin Simpson
projects [ all commission hardware installation light performance sound web ]

tags [ sound installation ]
location Pažite, SK
with Roma Gavryliuk
River Organ 2

tags [ sound installation performance ]
location Winternights, Maastricht NL
with TAAT, the entity we call Maas
River Organ 1

tags [ sound installation performance ]
location Hochsommer Festival, Zollamt, AT/SLO
with Atelier Algorhythmics

tags [ light installation performance ]
location GOLD+BETON, Cologne
with Dmitrii Kuznetsov
Reveries For a Dimly-Lit Room

tags [ light performance installation ]
location Meta Marathon Festival Düsseldorf, Night Light Festival Cologne
Autonomous Lumia Study no. 1

tags [ light installation ]
location Parcours, Cologne