Martin Simpson
projects [ all commission hardware installation light performance sound web ]
River Organ 1

tags [ sound installation performance ]
location Hochsommer Festival, Zollamt, AT/SLO
with Atelier Algorhythmics

River Organ _ is a young series of site-specific instruments built for the experience of being with, listening to and sound making in rivers.

First attempts to collaborate with the river Mur resulted in sinking rafts which play quiet aleatoric music as they push wind through organ pipes. Since the pipes have a nuanced acoustic response to changes in air pressure and flow, and transition between open-ended pipes (above water) to detuned close pipes (within water), a sort of physical programming happens when their arrangement on the raft is adjusted.

But it’s really in the situatedness with and in the river that a music emerges. From the moment the raft is released, the river takes over, and then the ‘pieces’ just happen, composing and uncomposing themselves.